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E-Consultation on Youth and Poverty
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Start Date & Time
November 1, 2006
All day event.

End Date & Time
November 21, 2006
All day event.

Washington Park, Washington, United States

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Name: Theophilus Ekpon
E-mail: theophilusekpon@yahoo.com

Human Rights


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Dear All,

This is to invite you to join an E-consultation on Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies to identify young people who have been involved in National, Regional and Local development strategies and to feed into an upcoming
World Bank-UNFPA workshop to be held in Washington DC.

On 24-26 January 2007, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and the World Bank is holding a workshop on “Young People in Poverty Reduction Strategies: Investing strategically in the next generation”. The purpose is to identify opportunities to include young people’s issues in PRSPs. A PRSP describes a least developed country\'s macroeconomic, structural and social policies and programs to promote growth and reduce poverty and lays the foundation for the national development. Furthermore, the workshop will provide inputs for developing an inter-agency tool kit to include young people’s issues in PRSPs.

Young people play a crucial role in the prospect for development and should be included in every national development plan based on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. But reality shows that specific attention to youth is not sufficient and more needs to be done to make sure that special attention is given to young people especially in regard to education, employment and health. The PRSPs, which are a condition for debt relief under the enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative as well as for concessional loans from the World Bank, are prepared by governments through a participatory process involving civil society and development partners, including the World Bank and the UN. This participatory process provides the opportunity for young people to voice their concerns and be included in the PRSP but the question is to which extend young people are actually included in this process.

This E-consultation provides an excellent opportunity for young people to contribute with their experiences in participating in the development of PRSPs.

The E-consultation will take place over 3 weeks from 1 November until 21 November 2006. If you would like to find out more about PRSPs please visit the World Bank website on PRSPs. Please also see the website on UNFPA and youth participation.

To subscribe, go to YouthandPRSPs-subscribe@groups.takingitglobal.org

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