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AIDS Day Prolongation!!
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Start Date & Time
December 21, 2006
5:00 PM
GMT +1

End Date & Time
December 21, 2006
11:00 PM
GMT +1

Denis Memorial Hall
Opp. the Kumba City Council, Commercial Avenue
Kumba, Sud-Ouest, Cameroon

Event Cost

Name: Ngala Elvis Tawe
Phone: +237 7373165
E-mail: el_tawe@yahoo.com

Human Rights


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The City Bilingual Evening School CIBES holding at the Campus of Denis Comprehensive College in Kumba.Would be organising an annual gala for it's students.To this effect Ias one of the teachers,have taken the initiative in collaboration with the school authority and a quest speaker from an area health committee for HIV/AIDS (negotiation is still going on),and other key speakers, to talk to the students on the ravaging effect of the pandemic.

It must be stress here that the evening school comprise students of all works of life that is tailors, traders, free girls etc.ranging from 17-40years, it is an extra moral school which beside being a place for people who need either a working knowledge in English or French, also works with students preparing for the GCE ordinary Level Certificate who for one reason or the other can not attend a regular school or after a failed attempt .Builds drop out,preparing them for the GCE ordinary Level Certificate and also train stack illiterate for the First School Leaving Certificate.

The event would involve amongst others,discussion of mode of transmission,reason for rising prevalence in the different groups that is males ,females and youths and the need for voluntary testing,abstinence,fidelity and the proper use of condoms

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