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8th All Tonga Music Festival
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Start Date & Time
August 24, 2007
All day event.

End Date & Time
August 25, 2007
All day event.

Chikuni Radio
Chikuni, Monze
Chikuni, Southern, Zambia

Event Cost
NO Charge is applied

Event URL

Name: Matongo Maumbi
Phone: +26097480759
E-mail: matongo@gmail.com

Registration Deadline
August 10, 2007

Peace & Conflict


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This is the Annual All Tonga Music Festival where musicians from across the southern province of Zambia come to showcase there music (esp traditional) to thousands of avid onlookers.

This is in an effort to try to restore the rich Tonga Culture in Music. Mainly musicians compete in different Tonga Music categories, but this year we are likely to have more categories so that we are able to cater for the dynamism in culture and the evolution of music. This shall also help the musicians be creative. Musicians shall be more encouraged to perform than just to do it for the money.

You are free to attend and share with us the Tonga Music Heritage of Southern Zambia.

This is the greatest music event in the country that attracts hundreds of musicians and thousands of spetators.
Visit Chikuni Radio website and check on the CONCERT page for more info.

Shall see you when you come.

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