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Somali Youth Initiative for Common Ideological platform
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Start Date & Time
March 22, 2007
All day event.

End Date & Time
March 22, 2007
All day event.

21 October St FPEN - Information Centre Hall
Ex-Banadir High School
Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia

Event Cost

Name: Moh'ud Bulle Moh'ed Or/and Ah'ednuur Abdulahi Assad
Phone: 00 252 1 5572257 / 00 252 1 857799
E-mail: somaliyouthemploymentservice@yahoo.com

Registration Deadline
March 21, 2007

Human Rights
Peace & Conflict


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The holding of this forum is as the result of the previous forum held on 22nd February 2007 which participants debate on:
- How to create a healthy awareness among the youth to led to understanding progressive development which will lead to solve the economic, social and political problems in the country.
- How can the youth co-ordinate on common ground to change the current situation in Somalia.

The two argumentative points above were chosen in order to get fruitful co-operation and to get a good number of youth who can participate in the decision–making process and spear-head the progressive change intended to change current problems in our society.

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Host Organization
Somali Youth Employment Service
GOALS Somali Youth Employment service is working towards achieving its strategic targets. 1.To open schools for youth and children who can’t afford school fees. 2.To open skill development training centres for youth and children. 3.To campaign for the youth to take part in democracy, good...