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Home Home Resources Events HIV/AIDS- AND GENDER-RELATED ISSUES using SARA Communication Tools [Admin Edit]
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Start Date & Time
November 5, 2007
All day event.

End Date & Time
November 9, 2007
All day event.

Home's Gust House
Greater Accra, Ghana
Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

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Name: Gdowin Fiavor
Phone: 233+245-078-888
E-mail: saramygoaltv@yahoo.com

Registration Deadline
October 24, 2007



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Contact: 233+245-078-888 for more details
DATE: Thursday the 1st -5th December 2007
VENUE: The Home’s Gust House
TARGET AUDIENCE: youths and students around the global.

Major topics for the day are:
1. The use AIDS Game on the UNICEF website in our schools and communities as prevention and Transmission methods.
2. Sara: using the Sara tool kit as a stronger tool for education in the fight on STIs and HIV prevention in our local communities.
3. The implication of stronger use of the condoms and educating information on how to fight HIV epidemic in youngster lives.

4. SPECIAL Group work on the Cause and the building a stronger teams to fight the peer pressers on early sex among youth.

5. This group work shall be printed and circulated among the participants.
i. The benefits of preventing and managing HIV/AIDS infections
ii. The importance of using Sara communication as a tool to get (early diagnosis, early disclosure, and early access to treatment plus strict adherence to treatment) in our schools and communities.
iii. The consequences of harmful (traditional/cultural) intra-vaginal practices and why self-injurious behaviors must be avoided or stopped.
iv. Why stigmatization, discrimination, depression and intentional infection of people with HIV are all bad and must be discouraged
v. Care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and Children made Orphans by HIV.
vi. Healthy eating/living in the treatment of HIV/AIDS using appropriate nutrition and medications
vii. How Drug Abuse contributes to increasing HIV infections/complications.
viii. Promotion of abstinence as the only HIV/AIDS prevention strategies that is 100% effective both in cost and in benefits.

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joseph senyo kwashie
joseph senyo kwashie

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