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Think Globally, Act Locally
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Start Date & Time
April 1, 2008
All day event.

End Date & Time
April 27, 2008
All day event.

Local Schools In 10 Different Villages

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Name: Eugeniu Graur
Phone: +37369099533
E-mail: geugenius@yahoo.com



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Many times young people are accused that they are passive and do not take any actions to effect changes in their communities and maybe wider, and my answer to that is that youth sometimes even do not realize how powerful they are and that with their will, energy and drive they can raise the support to effect changes in their communities and the wider world.
• The goal of this project is to increase the awareness of young people from 10 villages in north of Moldova about community development projects and initiatives, empower them through a training program on project proposal development, fundraising, project management, monitoring and evaluation skills, and also inform them about funding opportunities so that they will be able to fructify these opportunities themselves and/or share them with others. And finally the most important component of the project to provide assistance in developing and submitting the project proposals for those young people who will be interested in designing and implementing a project.
Our volunteers will learn how to develop a projet proposal, how to identify the needs of a community, plan and implement a project, fundraising techniques. The volunteers will have the opportunity to network after the project will be finished and develop other initiatives afterwards. The volunteers will gain experience in training other youth and working with them as a team, communicate and build relations and friendships.
• Through the present project we intend to share the experience of our village in community development with youth from other 10 villages (Rautel, Marandeni, Hiliuti, Glinjeni, Elizaveta, Corlateni, Funduri, Ilenuta, Sadovoie and Struzovca), provide training and assistance in order to develop and finance their ideas to be implemented. The goal of this project is to become a catalyst that would lead to community mobilization both of younger and older generation to develop and implement community projects.
• We intend to build a strong team of 60 informed and trained young people aged 10-16 in each of these 10 villages, who will work in close collaboration with us to identify community problems, design solutions and find finances to support the solving of their problems.
Through this project we want to amplify the effect of the funds invested by Disney and generate at least 10 project proposals that would be presented to the community of funding organizations in order to be funded and implemented, which will lead to small community changes in each of the 10 selected communities participating in the project.
• Between March 1st and March 15th 2008 we will select and train 40 young people from 10 villages in the north of Moldova in project proposal development, project management, fundraising and evaluation. The training course will be organized by 3 project managers from National Center for Support of Youth NGO’s & NGO Certitude. We will develop a training kit for young social change makers based on our experiences as project managers and based on existing training kits on Project Management. The training kit will consist of approximately 15 pages and will comprise detailed information on project proposal development, project management, fundraising and evaluation.
• In collaboration with local schools from 10 villages we will select 60 young people from each village and train them together with those 40 volunteers between March 15 and March 22 in project management, project proposal development for one week. Afterwards, each team will work either on one or a few project proposals that will be selected by a committee of judges consisting of project managers, representatives of local authorities, teachers, etc. in order to be presented at the final presentation event.
• The final evaluation conference will be sponsored by METRO Cash & Carry Moldova which will offer folders, pencils, paper, snacks and drinks and other consumables. The final conference will be held on April 25th on GYSD 2008 and will be hosted by Balti State University. The aim of the conference will be to bring together the youth who were trained in project development and who worked for one month on a project proposal, under the same roof with donor organizations, public authorities, business sector representatives and other youth in order to present the results and showcase their efforts towards developing a project proposal.

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