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Behavior Change Party 5
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Start Date & Time
August 16, 2009
All day event.

End Date & Time
August 20, 2009
All day event.


Event Cost
USD $350

Name: Abongta Shu Moncha
Phone: (237) 77 70 24 18
E-mail: ofliccam@gmail.com



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Since 2002, the Organization For Life Care (OFLIC) has organized six ‘Behavior Change Parties (BCP)’ events. The events, have introduced a unique and innovative way of carrying our HIV/AIDS sensitization and education. Progress has been made since the holding of BCP I that brought together youth leaders and peer educators from youth lead NGOs in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Cameroon to discuss their difficulties as well as success in using Behavior Change Analysis and Risk Mapping Skills in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

BCP II again rallied stakeholders and participants who attended BCP I together to teach new techniques in Community Risk and Vulnerability mapping as well as theater for development to be used in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This laid the ground works for BCP III.

BCP III was a follow-up of BCP II. It was a time to asses the efforts so far made by participants in implementing the action plans that were established during BCP II. The party just like the other time was designed to regroup youth leaders and peer educators from youth lead NGOs involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the rural communities of Cameroon to come together and discuss difficulties as well as success in using Behavior Change Analysis and Risk and Vulnerability Mapping skills in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Coming together in a cozy atmosphere other than that of a formal seminar/workshop setup enabled participants to share their experiences and gain new skills. The party was by the usual facilitator together with two other youths identified as potential facilitators by their peers during the BCP II. Deliberations from this forum paved the way for a broader and international workshop baptized Behavior Change Party IV.

BCP IV came and passed with its successes and failures. Participation from outside of Cameroon was not encouraging, principally due to the less than expected number. Here comes BCP 5 that would lay emphasis on participants from around the world to attend and share with the youths in Cameroon as well as experience what they have been able to develop at the end of the four sessions spread over a period of seven years.

The event will include training sessions organized as integral workshops on BCA and RVM including field working visits as well as restitutions of work done and exhibitions of products from the local youth movements. This would culminate in the elaboration of action plans to be executed at the level of the participating countries with follow-up mechanisms duel established.

New this time around is the integration of Entertainment Education as a resounding method in achieving behavior change. The event would be highly animated by cultural dance groups and youth artists as well as presentations by delegations from participating countries.

The conference fees exclude lodging and feeding. Local transportation would be provided as well as assistance to lodging facilities for international participants on request.

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