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Social mouvement: Make a Difference
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Start Date & Time
March 1, 2009
All day event.

End Date & Time
May 30, 2009
All day event.

All over lebanon
Beyrouth, Lebanon

Event Cost

Name: Rachel Mallah
E-mail: rachelmallah@hotmail.com

Human Rights


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This event is part of a another event, Global Youth Service Day 2009

the solidarity day about the right of difference . will be during the months of March, April, May. The beneficires will school students between the ages of 14 and 16 years .this project will be done in various Lebanese regions to raise their awareness on the issue of difference. Day of Solidarity is divided into stages of small-scale educational active exercises, in which students learn the differences and the types and characteristics and the need to communicate with each other ... The right way to discuss differences and significance. Accompanied the students during the Day of Solidarity, a group of specialists and volunteers who have followed training courses focused on the differences and how to communicate ideas through educational exercises recreational users of a young man to approach young people( peer to peer), this young people are the volunteers who accompany students during the days of solidarity have experienced for themselves the importance of the difference. especially that Everyone of them come from a different cultural background, customs and traditions. so they can spread their experience in living the communication and the difference to the other . In the solidarity day, the young people prepare short scenes of the play deals with a number of different types (class, regional, gender, physical, ethnicity ...) and discussed it. At the end the students express their views on the difference by drawing on a large mural, that will be exposed in school to remind them of their role in defending the right of difference.

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Association for Volunteer Services
AVS programs include training and consultancy on volunteering, volunteer management, and development of volunteer centers, public and media outreach, production of a resources on volunteering in English and Arabic, a library and archives, and the Learning to CARE Program to help schools and...