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Ladakh Art And Music Festival Ladakh 2011.
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Start Date & Time
July 14, 2011
1:00 AM

End Date & Time
July 15, 2011
1:00 PM

Sindhu Darshan,indus bank choglamsar.Leh ladakh.
shey village.
Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Event Cost
60 to 70 lakhs( indian ruppess)

Name: Phuntsog Angchok
Phone: +917298793612
E-mail: phntsg_angchok@yahoo.com

Registration Deadline
July 13, 2011



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Ladakh 2011
- International Art, Culture & Music Festival of Ladakh -


To organise “Emergences Ladakh 2011” - an Art, Cultural & Musical extravaganza during July 2011. The Event is to be organized in Ladakh, and will be in aid of the 2010 Ladakh Cloudburst victims.

Goals Elaborated:

Emergences Ladakh has been envisaged to be a two day event which will be held at the Sindhu Ghat, Ladakh between 14th july to 25th of July 2011(DATES WILL BE FIXED AS PER THE FLEXIBILTY OF THE ARTISTS BETWEEN THESE DATES) While the overlying objective of the Event is to support the cloudburst victims, the event will go on to play a much bigger role in terms of encouraging local artisans, musicians and folk art performers by providing them a venue to showcase their skills.

The festival will also serve as a platform for Ladakhi artisans to showcase and sell their handicrafts like thangka paintings, embroidered shawls of pashmina and yak wool, wood-crafts, landscape paintings and photographs.

While the proceeds of the sales of the art ware on display will go directly to the artists, other proceeds of the event either through sale of tickets or though sponsorships will go on towards the rehabilitation of the cloudburst victims.

• To garner aid for the 2010 cloudburst victims
• To create platform for budding artists of Ladakh
• Promote the dying Ladakhi art-forms and rich heritage
• Promote tourism
• Help the locals get over the cloudburst mayhem

The Event:

While the focus of the event will be various performances by Ladakhi artists, it will also include performances by artists of national and international repute.

The Ladakhi art forms will be highlighted in the following categories:
• Folk Musicians
• Folk Dancers
• Local Theatre Artists
• Painters & Photographers
• Local Rock and Pop bands
• Chams Performers

Proposed Schedule

Day 1 (Hour-Wise Schedule)

11:00 Hrs: Ribbon cutting ceremony and inauguration by an Eminent Public Figure /Celebrity
11:15 Hrs: Address by the Guest of Honour
11:30 Hrs: Start of the festival by traditional Ladakhi Prayer Ceremony
12:00 Hrs: Inauguration of the Arts and Crafts pavilion
12:30 Hrs: Vibrant Ladakhi Dance and Music Performance
13:00 Hrs: Break for Lunch comprising of Ladakhi cuisine
13:45 Hrs: Chams ( Mask Dance)
15:30 Hrs: AND
17:00 Hrs:
18:00 Hrs:
19:00 Hrs:
20:00 Hrs:
22:00 Hrs:

Continuous Through the Day
• Art Exhibition
• Painting Competition
• Wood Crafting Competition
• Photography Exhibition
• Local Butter Making Competition
• Rock Climbing
• Rafting Competition (Round One)

Day 2 (Hour-Wise Schedule)

11:30 Hrs: Ceremony Ladakhi Theatre Performances
12:30 Hrs: Ladakhi Folk Dance Performances
13:30 Hrs: Break for Lunch comprising of Ladakhi cuisine
14:00 Hrs: Inter-School Dance Competition
15:00 Hrs: AS
15:30 Hrs:
16:00 Hrs: FOLLOWED
17:00 Hrs: BY
18:00 Hrs: NATIONAL
20:00 Hrs: ARTISTS
21:00 Hrs: AND BANDS
22:00 Hrs: Thanksgiving

Continuous Though the Day
• Art Exhibition
• Painting Competition
• Wood Crafting Competition
• Photography Exhibition
• Rock Climbing
• Rafting Excursions
• Archery

Stalls would be put up at the Venue where the Visitors & participants alike would be able to sample the local Ladakhi cuisine.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee (OC) comprises of a healthy mix of young Ladakhi professionals engaged in various fields of Travel & Tourism, Education, Art and Music. It also includes eminent personalities engaged in various social and just causes. It has identified professionals and experts who have organized or managed Events of similar scale with resounding success. It also includes some eminent journalists and photographers who could help the OC to reach out to its target. Each member is valuable for their unique contribution towards the success of the event.

Brief of OC Key Members:
Phuntsog Angchok: Phuntsog has been part of a Ladakhi Rock Band touring all over India and presently runs a music school in Leh – Ladakh Art and Music.
Tsering Dorjee: Originally a Tibetan, Dorjee is one of the top Thangka artists of Ladakh and runs a highly versatile showroom of Tibetan and Ladakhi art forms in Leh.
Rigzin Chosgyal Gyal: Rigzin was the president of the Ladakh Student Association, Chandigarh for two years and has also has run for the post of Councillor from Thiksey.
Sonam Gyaltson: Sonam is a member of the Ladakhi Band Checkmates.
Karma Jora: Karma runs one of the leading hotels and is an active member of Ladakh Art & Music School.
Stanzin Lakpa: Stanzin runs one of the top hotels of Ladakh and also offers environmentally friendly tours.
Rinchin Namgyal: Rinchin is an avid traveller and an active member of Ladakh Art & Music School.
Tsewang Namgyal: Tsewang is a member of Ladakh Art & Music School.
Rigzin Nurboo: Rigzin is the lead guitarist of the Ladakhi Band, Checkmates.
Tsewang Norboo: Tsewang runs Helpage India Foundation in Leh.
Rinchin Tundup: Rinchin is the drummer of Ladakhi Band, Checkmates.
Nurboo Wangchuk: Nurboo is a sound engineer and also plays the bass guitar.

Brief of Key Contributing Members
Gaurav Schimar: Gaurav is a widely published travel writer and an acclaimed photographer. He has traveled extensively throughout the length & breath of India, including Ladakh.
Yusuf Uz Zaman: Yusuf is a Public Relations professional with over 14 years of experience of managing various national & International brands. He has also successfully managed various high profile & reputed events / festival in India and abroad.
Neil Banerjee: Neil is a much acclaimed Event Management professional who has been associated with the most high profile brands and organizations in the country. He presently owns and runs an event management firm which specializes in white-label Musical Festivals.
Meenu Gupta: Meenu has over 20 years of ATL & BTL advertising experience. She currently owns and runs Invicta Media, which is actively designs and executes advertising for many governmental / non-governmental & private organizations. She provides a one-stop advertising solutions which includes Audi-visual studio & editing facilities.

Benefits to the Key Sponsors
The key sponsors (around five) would derive following mileage out of the event
• Their logos will be displayed prominently on the official website of the event
• A huge entrance banner will carry their logos
• Logos will be put on all publicity material of the event like hoardings, banners & flyers
• Their logo stickers will be put on all vehicles used for transporting participants and guests
• Their logos will be prominently displayed on the main event dais
• Their logos will figure in all publicity material sent to the media
• They will derive mileage out of all promotions appearing in print and electronic media
• The sponsors can display their products during the event

Proceeds of the event
The proceeds garnered through the event through the sales of tickets, sponsorships and direct donations and contributions would be utilized to rehabilitate the victims of 2010 Ladakh cloud burst.

The organising committee will insure the orderly and timely disbursal of the aid thus garnered through their own members and N.G.O s working towards the same and for the same. The organizing committee will deducted their expenses towards holding and execution of the event before disbursing the proceeds.

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