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Home Home Resources Events How to mobilize youth globally to support the Goals of Rio 2012 Summit? [Admin Edit]
How to mobilize youth globally to support the Goals of Rio 2012 Summit?
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Start Date & Time
July 25, 2011
1:15 PM

End Date & Time
July 25, 2011
2:45 PM

North Lawn Building, Conference Room 7
New York, New York, United States

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This Side Meeting allows youth, the UN and Advocacy professionals to explore the themes of the IYY-HLM through the prism of the UN’s next big Government Summit in Rio in 2012. The objective is to show young people, and their governments, how they can work together more effectively to promote the shared goals of a major UN summit to the public at large - globally. In particular, we want to show how Online media is doing a superb job of Uniting Nations and millions of peoples – and promoting dialogue and mutual understanding – not present in New York. The vast networks represented by AVAAZ, Taking IT Global, Peace Child and One Young World represent an excellent way of building on the momentum of the IYY to promote the Rio+20 goals through online media, advertising and PR - and good, old-fashioned campaigning.
With Peak Oil past in 2006, and Peak Everything hurtling towards us by mid-century, there has to come a moment when the people of the world mark the end of the Brown Economy era and the dawn of the Green Sustainable Economy. The Rio+20 Summit is as good a moment as any to mark that watershed moment: young people – through their schools, their community groups and their online network are well-placed to support the UN and its member states to explain that transition and embed it in the hearts and minds of the general public. This side meeting will raise the profile and importance of the Rio+20 meeting in the minds of all who attend the IYY HLM – and send them home with new skills and new inspiration to support the UN to achieve a stunning success in Rio in June 2012.

• David R. Woollcombe, President, Peace Child International – Moderator
• Jennifer Corriero – Founder and President, TakingIT Global Inc.
• Tariq Banuri – UN DESA (Director, CSD)
• David Jones – Founder/Director, One Young World; Director, HAVAS Global Advertising;
• Jeremy Heimans – Director, Purpose Inc. and Founder / Board Member, AVAAZ.org
• Joao Scarpelini – UNICEF and World Youth Congress (Brazil)
• Johannes Mezgebe – Pan African Youth Union (Ethiopia)

Format: 5-8 minute presentations by each Panellist followed by Q & A;

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Relief Africa
Relief Africa

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Host Organization

Peace Child International
Be the Change! Program: supporting youth-led community development. This youth-led development program supports, trains and enables young people around the world to design and implement concrete development projects in their own communities. The Be the Change!(BTC) Programme was mandated by...