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2012 ITF Debate:Youth, Are we ready for Leadership Positions?
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Start Date & Time
May 25, 2012
9:00 AM
GMT +2

End Date & Time
May 25, 2012
3:00 PM
GMT +2

P.C.E.A Saint Andrews
University of Nairobi
Nairobi Area, Kenya

Event Cost

Event URL

Name: George Arango
Phone: +254715799292
E-mail: volunteers.itf@gmail.com
Webpage: http://itfkenya.blogspot.com

Registration Deadline
May 20, 2012

Global Education
Global Citizenship


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2012 ITF DEBATE, Kenya
Topic: Youth, Are we ready for Leadership positions?
ITF debate is a competition and a concrete place of change and Transformation of youth through the exchange of ideas based on self development between their counterparts, attendance whether Debater or audience from different life status, levels, and countries by being up lighted and updated by Guest Lecturers and being softened wholeheartedly by great artists.
As the participants experienced such extraordinary ways of change they could not help but to sob! As they testified after the First ITF Debate held in Kenya 24-25 November 2010, they tested the realm that they were searching in their life and said “We feel like ITF is moving within some invisible providence that gives us wings to live the life of tomorrow”.
The Objectives of ITF Debate:
- Provide direction in life.
- Motivate hope for the bright future.
- Promote cohesion between youth.
- Motivate, Cultivate, qualities and abilities self development.
- Inspire and Transform the mindset of youth as leaders of next generations.
Programs of ITF Debate
1. Debate by University; Colleges Students and other youth.
2. Guest Lectures by influential Speakers.
3. Entertainment.
4. Award Ceremony.
Although each contestant is awarded a certificate of Participation, only first three ranked by judging panel are prized; and the best overall female is specially prized.

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Michael Awiti
Michael Awiti

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Host Organization

International Transformation Foundation
Since the establishment ITF is developing and operating youth development programs to lead the youths of today as leaders with strong heart and mind as true workers of society with creative and progressive thinking. The ITF flagship projects are: 1. 1 Slum100 computers project: Providing...