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Start Date & Time
May 25, 2012
1:00 PM
GMT +5.75

End Date & Time
May 27, 2012
4:15 PM
GMT +5.75

Namaste Hotel
Biratnagar, Kosi, Nepal

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Name: Dhiraj
E-mail: president@initiativenepal.org

Registration Deadline
May 16, 2012

Human Rights
Peace & Conflict


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The country has seen Dictator type Regime i.e. Rana Regime, Monarchy, Multiparty democracy with Constitutional Monarchy, and A decade long Armed Conflict i.e., Maoist Insurgency; Whereas, now After years of Long Armed Conflict, Nepal is moving towards reconstruction, towards state building process; a transformation phase with higher priority to constitution writing; however, People’s voice has not yet been successful in making its way into the new constitution and the policy process.

With failure government, the state is struggling hard not to be tagged as “state of failure”. The concept of federalism is being introduced by politicians and academicians as a solution. Whereas, there is raising concern why the governments in Nepal do never became stable? What governance system do people want? How do people define Development? What does freedom mean for people? How they imagine about the new leadership?

Initiative Nepal in coordination with Leading Minds, Kathmandu and Peoples Club, Biratnagar have initiated to bring democratic dialogue to the public and aspire to travel around what democracy and sustainable development mean in the different cultural and civilization milieus and how they are realized at personal and public levels.

Development Dialogue aspires to foster an environment for a reflective public that can enhance the culture of democracy and sustainable development through its Development Dialogues. The idea of Development Dialogues captures the essence of associational life of people and motivates them towards social, economic and political cooperation and, facilitate popular participation in the governance and development processes. Whereas, through our documentaries/photo stories, and publications we endeavor to bring to the fore the age-old struggle of Nepalese people for social justice, liberty and solidarity and the structural and cultural barriers that the Nepalese civil society faces. The team Initiative Nepal further plans to move ahead with the role of bringing together the civil society, private sector and the young population in democratization and sustainable development in the Nepalese context; Whereas, help make the institutions and actors of governance accountable to the people and empower the society to articulate the democratization of human existence.

The intrinsic tendency of the market to de-couple the economy from human rights, social accountability, gender justice and the natural environment inevitably demands rectifi-cation by countervailing social forces. Through the Development Dialogue, Initiative Nepal in coordination with civil societies, aspire to the defense of the people, culture, nature and the nation and retain democratic control on the social surplus for the society to exercise.

All the way through this endeavor Initiative Nepal seeks to influence state policymaking, help in shaping public opinion and collective will formation. Sustained engagement of youths along with coordination and support from vibrant civil society, team Initiative Nepal with its collaborating organizations and supporting partners aspire to help transcend the monopoly of economic and political power by certain class or caste of society and enforce the accountability of leaders to the grassroots units of self-governance. Through this step we aspire to strengthen the social foundations of democracy and human rights and bring youths and civil societies together for the protection of the social sphere and public good by removing plenty of constraints from the realization of constitutional rights, economic and political entitlements and opportunities for civic empowerment.

The Methodology:

The event shall be attended by young leaders between 25 and 35 years old, youth organizations, environmental organizations, community interest groups and relevant governmental agencies, development professionals, policy makers. International experts shall also be invited to present their insights and perspectives into such issues like poverty alleviation, education for sustainable development, biodiversity, climate change, regional economic co-operation, youth employment, sustainable development indicators and formulation of national sustainable development strategies.

During the three-day Youth Workshop session, the youth delegates shall have discussion about the four dimensions of sustainability - social, environmental, economic and institutional - and critically examined progress that had been made at the community, national, regional and inter-regional level. A broad spectrum of viewpoints, reflecting the diverse social and economic backgrounds of the country shall be presented, and canvassed during the dialogue. The outcome of the Youth Workshop Session shall be captured in the “Development Dialogue” Statement on Sustainable Development. Alliance for Next Generation Leadership (ANGL) shall also be launched to ensure people’s voice in policy and to promote sustainable development to strengthen national, regional and international cooperation. Development Dialogue unit will facilitate the Dialogue in joint collaboration with Leading Minds and People’s Club, Biratnagar. Development Dialogue unit will prepare a template for advocacy letters to share with the national movements. Youths, Professionals, Civil Society are invited to share the documents at Development Dialogue Workshops and Conferences.
University Students, Development Professionals, Media Personnel’s, Consultants, Business tycoons, Industrialist, Consultants, together with Civil Society shall be invited to participate in the dialogue.The program is provided below:

May 25, 2012: Organization of Workshop in Biratnagar on “Political Freedom in Context of Nepal”.

May 26, 2012: Seminar Presentation about Challenges of federalism in Nepal at Namaste Hotel, Biratnagar May 27, 2012: Strategic Discussion on Ways of Peoples Voice in Policy.

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Host Organization
Initiative Nepal
OUR PROGRAMMES:- 1. Development Dialogue:- Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) through participatory youth engagement in collaboration with Leading Minds have initiated to bring democratic dialogue to the public and aspire to travel around what democracy and sustainable development mean...