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RecrearMagnify 2014
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Start Date & Time
August 9, 2014
All day event.

End Date & Time
August 22, 2014
All day event.

Step'anavan, Lorri, Armenia

Event Cost
550 Euro

Event URL

Name: Recrear
E-mail: recrearmagnify@recrear.info

Registration Deadline
May 30, 2014



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Want to be trained in youth-to-youth participatory research, intercultural dialogue and project design with young, international social innovators?

We are happy to announce that RecrearMagnify 2014 will be hosted in Stepanavan, Armenia from August 9th to the 22nd.

By attending RecrearMagnify, participants will become team members of Recrear's dynamic international network of students, young professionals, and consultants.

RecrearMagnify is a two-week training on participatory research and full immersion in intercultural dialogue, personal development, and ideas on innovating youth participation in community development. RecrearMagnify is also an opportunity to share skills and perspectives while helping Recrear plan and grow.

Becoming a member of Recrear will allow you to differentiate and separate yourself from the crowd; as an international organization, you will have access to global experts, mentors, and leaders in their fields. Our team members collaborate to make young people's energy, and perspectives an integral part of international development practice.

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