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Start Date & Time
May 4, 2004
1:00 AM

End Date & Time
May 8, 2004
1:00 AM

Cairo International Convention Exhibition Centre

Event Cost

Phone: +41 22 730 6161
E-mail: telecom@itu.int
Webpage: http://www.itu.int/AFRICA2004/

Registration Deadline
May 4, 2004



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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is pleased to announce its sixth Regional Telecommunications Exhibition and Forum for Africa, ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2004, to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from 4 to 8 May 2004.
The Forum at ITU TELECOM Africa 2004 will examine and discuss telecommunications policy, development, economic and investment issues, as well as their technology and applications aspects. The event will also include a Telecom Development Symposium (TDS) and a Youth Forum. Recognising the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in bringing about economic development, African leaders have identified telecommunications development as a high priority area. Many African countries have embarked on efforts to establish the necessary conditions for the deployment of efficient and affordable telecommunications networks, in particular, through policies that promote investment and competition in the sector. Nevertheless, with a total teledensity of 55 lines for every thousand people and an Internet penetration rate of only 8.5 users per thousand, the challenges facing Africa are enormous.

Despite these difficulties, advances in technology and the increasing affordability of telecommunications solutions continue to hold great promise for the development of telecommunications on the continent. Africa is poised for a rapid growth in mobile communications and Internet. Wireless technologies in particular are making a significant contribution in this respect. African countries now represent some of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world with the number of mobile users in some countries rapidly overtaking those using fixed-lines.

Conscious of the opportunities that new and affordable telecommunication technologies have brought about, the Forum at ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2004 will focus on the following themes:

1. Creating successful business models
New infrastructure financing strategies
Case studies of successful business models
Attracting local and foreign investment
Promoting network diversity

2. Policy challenges

Has liberalization gone to far, or not far enough?
Is the African market large enough for facilities-based competion?
Local loop unbundling, collocation and rights of way
Spectrum management
Regulatory independence and transparency
Promoting universal service
Infrastructure sharing

3. Appropriate technologies

Is Africa ready for broadband?
Do we still need fixed-line networks?
Voice over IP: Ban it, implement it or ignore it?
Wireless and satellite solutions
Third-generation mobile (3G) networks

4. Using ICTs to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals

Eradicating poverty
Extending access to education
Improving the lives of women and girls
Tackling urban problems
Improving healthcare
ICTs and job creation
Case studies of ICTs for Development

5. Africa and the world

Trade in telecommunications and the WTO
New regime in international communications
International Internet connectivity
Telecommunications development assistance
International and inter-regional cooperation

People Attending People Attending (15)

Abdallah Diwan
Abdallah Diwan

A K Zaman
A K Zaman

Mostafa M. El-Iskandarani
Mostafa M. El-Iskandarani

Olugbenga Adeleye
Olugbenga Adeleye

kehinde olaide
kehinde olaide

Haythem Kamel
Haythem Kamel

Shady M.K. Mohamed
Shady M.K. Mohamed


Shady Salama
Shady Salama


Md. Arafatul Islam
Md. Arafatul Islam

khaled hammad
khaled hammad


Trevor Kaita
Trevor Kaita

Dïor Lichtenstain
Dïor Lichtenstain

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May 5, 2004 @ 02:20:27 | 0 comments | post a comment

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International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Over the last 135 years, the Union's mandate has expanded to cover the invention of voice telephony, the development of radiocommunications, the launch of the first communications satellites, and, most recently, the technological convergence that heralds the dawn of a new,...