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WSIS Phase II PrepCom2
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Start Date & Time
February 17, 2005
0:00 AM

End Date & Time
February 25, 2005
0:00 AM

Palais Des Nations

Event Cost
Free, but must be from an accredited organization

Event URL

Name: WSIS Executive Secretariat
E-mail: wsis@itu.int
Webpage: http://www.itu.int/wsis/prep...



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This event is part of a another event, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Phase Two

The meeting continues negotiations towards the Tunis Summit in November 2005. While the agenda looks long, note that four full days will be spent on item #6 (Consideration of final documents). The battle continues regarding the degree to which these documents are necessary and/or add value to the Statement of Principles and Action Plan which were concluded at the Geneva Summit.

Draft Agenda:

1. Approval of the agenda and other organizational matters

2. Election of the Chairperson of Sub-Committee and of the Rapporteur

3. Accreditation of NGOs, civil society and business sector entities

4. Report of the Secretary-General of ITU on the activities after PrepCom-1

5. Presentation of reports on activities directly related to WSIS
a. Interim report on Stocktaking of WSIS
b. Report of the Group of Friends of the President of the Preparatory Committee
c. Report of the Task Force on Financial Mechanisms
d. Preliminary report of the Working Group on Internet Governance
e. Reports on regional conferences
f. Reports on thematic meetings

6. Consideration of the following items of the final document(s):
a. Text of Political Chapeau
b. Text of Operational Part*
c. Any other questions related to the final document(s)

7. Amendment of Rule 7 of the Rules of Procedure of the Summit

8. Organization of work of the Tunis phase of the Summit

9. Arrangements for the third meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Tunis phase

10. Adoption of the report of the second meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Tunis phase

11. Other business

People Attending People Attending (15)

Terri Willard
Terri Willard

Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra

Nick Moraitis
Nick Moraitis

'Gbenga Sesan
'Gbenga Sesan


Thomas Biebl
Thomas Biebl

Eddy Bruin
Eddy Bruin




Tim Shand
Tim Shand

Ansari, Omar Mansoor
Ansari, Omar Mansoor

rinalia abdul rahim
rinalia abdul rahim

Andy Carvin
Andy Carvin

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February 25, 2005 @ 12:54:21 | 0 comments | post a comment

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February 25, 2005 @ 11:59:30 | 0 comments | post a comment

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February 25, 2005 @ 09:21:54 | 1 comments | post a comment

Blog-o-Rama - Posted By: Andy Carvin
February 25, 2005 @ 05:46:37 | 0 comments | post a comment

PrepCom 2 Day 6 - Podcast with Youth Caucus Members - Posted By: Terri Willard
February 24, 2005 @ 10:11:20 | 1 comments | post a comment

PrepCom2 Day 6 - What Happened to Civil Society - Posted By: Terri Willard
February 24, 2005 @ 10:04:54 | 0 comments | post a comment

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Host Organization

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Over the last 135 years, the Union's mandate has expanded to cover the invention of voice telephony, the development of radiocommunications, the launch of the first communications satellites, and, most recently, the technological convergence that heralds the dawn of a new,...