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Global Hip-Hop Mainstage
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Start Date & Time
June 22, 2006
7:00 PM
GMT -8

End Date & Time
June 22, 2006
10:00 PM
GMT -8

Great Northern Way Campus (Earth Festival site)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Name: Jess Conn-Potegal
E-mail: jesstep@gmail.com

Child & Youth Rights
Citizen Journalism
Human Rights


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This event is part of a another event, World Urban Forum, Third Session

In conjunction with UN HABITAT’s World Urban Forum III, being held in Vancouver in June 2006, The World Urban Forum & Youth Organizing Committee (WUFY) will host a World Youth Forum and a Global Hip-Hop Mainstage concert.

The Global Hip-Hop Mainstage event will showcase Hip-Hop a powerful voice of the world’s urban youth, and will focus on young artists and leaders using the music and medium of Hip-Hop culture to uplift their communities around the world.

In the last decade, Hip-Hop has emerged as the most powerful voice of the world’s urban youth. For young people living in the world’s rapidly growing urban centres, Hip-Hop is a way of life, a culture that is intricately woven into every aspect of their daily lives.

Youth-led groups doing important work in developing urban environments, from Canada to Brazil to Kenya, are using Hip-Hop music and culture as the primary medium for both communicating their daily realities, and for engaging other youth in their projects.

Through the Messengers Of Truth program and other initiatives, UN HABITAT has chosen to focus on Hip-Hop as the most powerful and universally recognized form of expression for poor urban youth worldwide, especially those living in slums and inner cities.

Produced through a partnership between WUFY, UN HABITAT, the Environmental Youth Alliance, Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA), Redwire Native Youth Media Society and the World Urban Forum III Secretariat, the Global Hip-Hop Mainstage will be the culmination of a dynamic series of international youth-engagement events called World Urban Cafes.

WUFY, along with local partner organizations, has produced 65 of these events in cities across Canada, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Approximately 20,000 youth have already been engaged and a further 5,000 – 7,000 will be engaged prior to and at WUF III.

Project Goals

The Global Hip-Hop Mainstage will bring artists, academics, business and community leaders together with the international delegates attending the World Urban Forum to; share perspectives around city-living, network and celebrate youth-led development initiatives and successful youth leadership programs from around the world.

The Global Hip-Hop Mainstage will:

• Promote socially committed artists and the role of Hip-Hop as a force for positive social change.
• Promote the use of Hip-Hop as a means of expression and a platform for self-development and social enterprise by urban youth
• Convey the perspectives of youth living with urban issues like drug-addiction, homelessness, poverty and violence.
• Deliver urban sustainability messages to young people through mainstream media, including radio, television and new media.

Project Description
The Global Hip-Hop Mainstage will feature international, socially conscious Hip-Hop and world music artists, live-art demonstrations and interactive multimedia installations. Its program includes:

• Dynamic, socially conscious performers representing youth voices from Africa, Canada, Indigenous Communities and Europe, including UN HABITAT Messenger Of Truth Honourees.
• Live performances of graffiti art, break-dancers, etc.
• World Urban Café dialogue using cell phone text messaging and other new media.
• Reporting out on input gathered from the World Urban Cafe sessions representing over 25,000 youth around the world.
• Collaboration with Judith Marcuse Projects’ Earth Festival, the official cultural programming for the WUF.

Mainstage Performers*
Many of the artists performing at the Mainstage will also be taking part in other Forum-related events, such as the World Youth Forum and Earth Festival.

• Gidi Gidi Maji Maji (Kenya) M.O.T.
• Madcon & Equicez (Norway) M.O.T.
• Tumi & The Volume (South Africa)
• Zuluboy (South Africa)
• Kohinoor (Bangladesh/Norway)
• Curtis Clearsky (Canada)
And more!
*Booking confirmation on some listed performers is pending.

The Global Hip-Hop Mainstage will take place at a professionally project-managed indoor/outdoor entertainment facility located at the Earth Festival’s Great Northern Way Campus in the heart of Vancouver.

Target Audience
The Mainstage will be open to the public, suitable for all ages and will accommodate up to1200 people. The primary target audiences are; Youth delegates at the WYF/WUF and urban youth between the ages of 15- 29.

Through print, radio and other outreach programs, at least a further 100,000 Canadian youth will be left with lasting impressions of the event and its key messages.

The Mainstage will be held in the context of the World Youth Forum and the World Urban Forum in the evening, on Thursday, June 22nd 2006.

The Mainstage engages the youth music business community in Nairobi and Vancouver, committed to corporate mandates that promote sustainability through the arts. This community and its networks will mobilize and engage the broader youth, Hip-Hop and entertainment industry community.

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nwoke roy

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joel mussa


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Daniel Roth


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akinbo a. a. cornerstone


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Kevan Cameron



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Host Organization

Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA)
The EYA, based in Canada, is a youth-driven organization with a membership of more than 20,000 youth. The EYA engages in environmental education and action campaigns, youth networking, protection of natural spaces, and rehabilitation of urban areas.