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Excellence Youth Organisation AssociationDay
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Start Date & Time
June 15, 2006
All day event.

End Date & Time
June 16, 2006
All day event.

SamKoll Garden Hotel

Event Cost

Name: Bamol-Rowland
Phone: +234-802-828-1762
E-mail: bamolrowland@yahoo.com



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We are planing a Rally and an Awareness programmes aimed at changing the negative attitudes of youths which in turn, will make the youths crime-free in our dear cityIyana-Ippaja Lagos-State and Nigeria in genaral. (2) Organized symposiums/serminers on unconditional Love and National Youth Agendas. Nigeria, like many other countries in sub-sahara-Africa, has not recognized the conditional Love,Unemployments and Poverty as a three Major problems in Nigeria. Our youth remain gripped by what schoofs terms a " schizophrenic attitude" towards LOVE, Employment and poverty also to migrate from Nigeria to others country to know more about others culture. Our Youths remain in denial about the unconditionally Love, Employment and Positive change or framework.
(3) Sustaining this policy for example, this will help in making sure that youths are mobilized and established, it will also help in taking this policy round the grass root and all parts of the country. While Global Youth Service Day will also help in providing vibrant platform and as well organized symposums and serminars for the youths where mutual interest will be discussed and as well tackles those issues militating against the yearnings aspirations and provide a result oriented quidelines, and aiding for the youths. It will also help in changing the negative attitudes of youths which in turns.Then we hereby look forward to hands of our leader of the above organisation to please assit us thru out with the very little we 'ew having right now to let the whole world know and believe the organisation and also to be recognised thru out the federation.Your finicial assitances is what we 're looking forward thru.We hope to issue EYON membership Cards to members on the june 10 2006 being the Global youth organisation with the Theme:- Lets share hands together.

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sternly K Simon
sternly K Simon


Amos Ayooluwa
Amos Ayooluwa


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